Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship issues.

Beth Westbrook, clinical psychologist, photo

I am a clinical psychologist in Portland, Oregon. I work with adults, children and couples to reduce conflict and help patients cope with the difficulties in their lives. Sometimes the normal stresses of life combine and produce conflict, causing anxiety, depression, or addictive patterns. Work issues, relationship problems, and personal isolation can cause emotional difficulties, as can life stresses such as medical problems, emotional trauma, or financial difficulties.

However, there is help available for such problems. Therapy can help adults and children become better adjusted, happier, and healthier at home, work, or school. The process of psychotherapy with a qualified therapist treats these problems according to individual needs. I work with patients to identify feeling, needs and goals. We will work together to help you improve all aspects of your life.

Please give me a call to address your concerns, thoughts and scheduling needs. I can see you based on your self-referral or the referral of your doctor. Most important is your privacy, respect of any thoughts and ideas you have and a full understanding of your needs.

*I accept either insurance or self-payment.