Therapies matched to the needs of adults, children and couples.

Different stages of life and different situations require different modes of treatment. My experience covers many of these differences.

ADULTS: My work with adults includes anxiety, addiction, depression, and dealing with chronic illness. Much of my work focuses on life transitions for men and women. I specialize in the treatment of health professionals and value privacy and confidentiality in a respectful environment. Therapy can help us define the problem and work towards a goal that brings positive results out of what may be confusion and chaos.

CHILDREN: Our children are subject to many of the same problems as adults, but many of their problems stem from adult issues. My doctoral dissertation, “Long-term Adjustment to Divorce in Children”, examined the problems children experience as a result of divorce. Many children have other difficulties with anxiety and depression caused by issues outside of divorce. Having the tools to understand and deal with these problems gives a child confidence, changes their entire outlook, and helps them better adjusted, happier, and healthier at home and in school.

COUPLES: Relationships carry much meaning in each individual’s life, the relationship itself has a force that needs to be understood and developed. Sometimes we lose our way in developing our relationships. We develop patterns, difficulties with anger, intimacy, sexuality, and life goals which challenge us as a couple. Therapy is helpful in identifying and addressing the issues that cause concern. With the proper therapy we can find and enjoy the relationship we desire and deserve as a couple.

Getting started in therapy takes a simple phone call. We can discuss your concerns, identify your goals, set an appointment, and begin treatment. I accept insurance and self-payment for all patients through self or physician referral.

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